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Financial advisor for the SMEs

Sei alla ricerca di nuove fonti di finanziamento?

Hai in programma un nuovo piano di investimenti ma non sai quale possa essere il giusto mix tra debito e capitale?

Senti la necessità di trovare un partner finanziario o industriale con cui condividere i tuoi progetti?

Saresti disposto ad aprire il tuo capitale a nuovi soci ma non sai quanto potrebbe valere la tua azienda?

Vorresti aumentare le tue quote di mercato acquisendo business complementari o concorrenti al tuo e ti serve un’analisi approfondita di settore?

Are you looking for new sources of funding?

Are you planning a new investment programme but you don't know what the right mix of debt and equity might be?

Do you feel the need to find a new financial or strategic partner with whom share your projects?

Are you available to open up your capital to new partners but you don't know how much your business could be worth?

Would you like to increase your market share by acquiring complementary or competing businesses and you need an in-deep sector analysis?

ADB Corporate Advisory will support you  in all your doubts by studying and  proposing innovative solutions for the growth of your business

Our services can range from assisting in finding new liquidity, identifying the most suitable formula, searching the right partner, helping you in understanding how much your company is worth and how much it could be worth after a specific project.

During the time of the project, ADB will coordinate all the professionals involved, managing the negotiations and defining the technical procedures  to define the operation.

The business areas


Leader on Italian MiniBond market and Advisory
Debt Advisory

Develop new projects by using debt as a source of funding for new investments will enable companies to keep growing without diluting their equity stake.

ADB, guaranteeing the commitment of professionals with a consolidated relationship with banks and other lenders, stands out for an approach without any conflict of interests, helping you to build a sustainable strategy, find the right institution and negotiate the terms to conclude the transaction.

The operations where we can offer our services are:

  • MiniBond: alternative debt instruments
  • New credit lines
  • Acquisition Finance in M&A operations
  • Project Finance and Mezzanine Finance
  • Credit Research

ADB, thanks to its network, provide support for debt restructuring and turnaround operations, also in the context of procedures regulated by the bankruptcy law (recovery plans, debt restructuring agreements and creditor arrangements).

*ADB Corporate Advisory is Fixed Income Partner of Borsa Italiana and Listing Sponsor for ExtraMOT Pro3, the market segment dedicated to SMEs

Fund Advisory

Exclusive Advisor of Fondo Progetto MiniBond Italia (Italian Minibond Fund Project) managed by Zenit SGR since 2014.

ADB supports the Fund Manager on the following activities:  

  • Budget analysis of the issuing company
  • Analysis of the competitors and of the competitive positioning
  • Analysis of the Clients and of the Suppliers
  • Analysis of the repayment capacity of the plan
  • Sensitivity and Stress Test on the business plan
  • Drafting of the necessary paperwork for the whole process
  • Investment Monitoring
  • Verification of the economic and financial situation of the issuer
  • Compliance with payment, information and contractual obligations
  • Production of updates and reports.


Private-equity funds specialized in SMEs


Acquisitions, Merging, Transfers and Strategic Partnerships
Mergers & Acquisitions

Integrating complementary businesses, aggregating competitors as well as opening the share capital of a financial or corporate partner are among the strategies which allow businesses to grow and establish themselves in the market.

ADB supports entrepreneurs, Private-Equity Funds and/or Search Funds by providing its consulting services for M&A operations such as:

  • Economic and financial analysis of the business

  • Definition of the Business Plan

  • Business Valuation

  • Research for a more suitable business or financial partner

  • Creation and predisposition of the necessary paperwork

  • Support during the negotiation phase

  • Coordination of the professionals involved

Equity Advisory

Opening the capital to the public market or to new partners often can be the right strategy to sustain new investments and maximise the company value.

ADB offers its support, by coordinating the whole process and the parties involved, in operazions of:

  • IPO – Initial Pubblic Offer on the Euronext Growth Milano market 
  • Equity Increase
  • Other issuances
  • Equity Research

ADB assists also Start Ups during their growth phase, from the pre-money valuation, selection of the ideal partner, to finding the requested capital to sustain the development plan.


Advisory Activity supporting listing Operations and Capital Increases
Acquisizioni, Fusioni e Cessioni


Richiedi la valutazione della tua azienda

Fusions, Acquisitions and Transfers


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